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Everyone who knows me knows that I moved a ton growing up.


Originally born in Worcester, MA have also lived in Florida, New York, Michigan, and Georgia.


I decided to pay tribute to the places I’ve lived by dedicating a signature polymer clay earring shape for each state with the help of a few amazing women I met along the way.

Read about the inspiration behind my five signature shapes below!

  Signature Shapes  



Boston, MA has been my home for the past 8 years. When I came here for college in 2012 I fell even more in love with this vibrant city and everything it has to offer. Not only did I meet the love of my life here, but I met remarkable women whose friendships are bound to last a lifetime. 


Huge shout out to Lauren, Moriah and Emily for inspiring the design! We wanted to create a classic, elegant shape that would never go out of style. When we added the extra bling to the original shape, we knew the name had to be a bit more boujee, and thus The Newbury was born. 



I moved to Georgia when I was a sophomore in High School. Besides the heat, the most memorable thing down south was that iconic southern charm and hospitality. 

I met two people during my short stint in Forsyth County that exemplified this - thank you Sydney and Mattie for inspiring this design!


Both ladies were drawn to this bell-shaped earring, no surprise there considering these two are your quintessential southern bells. 



I lived in Michigan from 6th grade through my freshman year. While there, I met two amazing, fun-loving women who I could always count on for a good laugh. 

Huge shout out to Delaney and Michelle for inspiring this design! The arch shapes were picked because of their unique, retro shape - but we especially love how the arches  create an "M" together. 

Its name is the nickname for Detroit - a blend of motor and town, aptly named for the automotive headquarters based there. 



My elementary school days were spent in Guilderland, a small town outside Albany in upstate New York. 

While in Guilderland, I met two of my first true friends at Pine Bush Elementary School. Shout out to Breanna and Joelle for inspiring the design!


For this shape, we tried to mimic the shape of the Adirondack mountains and all the pine trees found upstate. Between the name of our elementary school and the earring's shape itself, "The Pine" couldn't have been more perfect. 



Shortly after I was born in Mass we moved to Florida. Though I was really young during my time in the sunshine state, I made my very first friend in Mrs. Vereen's kindergarten class. 


Lucky for us, after we became friends, so did our parents which helped us stay in touch after all these years! 

Big thanks to the incredible Cass for inspiring this design! We wanted to create a shape that could withstand the test of time, much like our friendship.

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